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As in previous years VS GmbH & Co. KG donates valuable prizes for the winners of the tournament.

Hokki – the active stool for big and small

Playing, sitting, moving on the Hokki stool from VS

Our Hokki is something really special: being seated on a Hokki means playful movement, activity and being in good spirits. An active stool for big and small, for use in the kindergarten, in school, in play areas and even at home. Hokki comes in four sizes so kids and adults alike can enjoy our Hokki.

The old distinction between sitting and moving is immediately suspended: The Hokki is a product with a simple and clear basic design, its simplicity allowing it to be versatile. It is easily manageable and understood intuitively. Kids are constantly finding new games to play with the Hokki, it sets no boundaries to children’s imagination.

Controlled freedom of movement stimulates the entire musculoskeletal system in a great variety of ways. Such activity is liberating and increases the sense of wellbeing. Body and mind are activated and the natural urge to move around is supported in a productive way.

The convex design of the base makes the Hokki movable in all directions. The carcass is made from polypropylene and highly stable but also very light. The soft base padding prevents slipping during dynamic sitting.

The seat cover makes sitting safer. The rounded-off seat edge has a trough structure which together with the secure base means the Hokki is movable yet extraordinarily stable.

Hokki comes in five sizes:
Seat heights 31 cm, 38 cm and for adults 46 cm, 51 cm and 62 cm. 

Choose from nine colors: 
dark red, dark blue, light blue, white, orange, light green, green, purple, black grey



Frame consisting of an aluminum cross base and a gas spring with plastic cover. Fix model is available in fixed seat height and lift with height adjustment.

Chair sizes in a fixed height according to DIN EN 1729 or height adjustable.

Seat shell made of double-walled, textured polypropylene (LuPo) for comfortable sitting with air cushion effect. With concealed seat attachment and handle hole.

Equipment and options. Glides or castors for hard or soft floors or 2K universal gliders. Optional with foot ring or with particularly ergonomic 3-D rocking mechanism. Model 31505 with a weight-reduced, child-friendly gas spring release. With piggyback hooks for chair suspension on tabletops.

The following material groups are available: Steel tube frame: M1; Seat and back: C1.
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