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The fencing hall

The final hall

„Like the big fencing“. From the semifinals, all battles on the elevated railway will be fought. Already today the kids can feel the feeling of tomorrow. Many Olympic champions, World and European champions have already fought on exactly the same elevated course in this hall. The final hall is named after the founder of the fencing club Tauberbischofsheim „Emil Beck“.

The fencing halls

All preliminary rounds will be held until the quarterfinals in our training halls. These fencing halls are also equipped with modern electrical signaling systems. There is enough space for both guests and carers to experience a touch of fencing.

VS Kidslounge

For our very little guests, the VS and the fencing club has come up with something very special. With this one-of-a-kind service, parents can watch their bigger boys fencing and bring their little ones to the „VS Kidslounge“ to follow the progress of the tournament. In the VS Kidslounge, the little ones are looked after by employees of the VS and the FC TBB all around.

Of course, the bigger ones are also thought of. Here, students can see how our classrooms will change in the future through Visual Media of the VS. The VS „Interactive Pilon“ is ready for the students to see for themselves how digitized the learning.

The catering

As every year, the physical well-being is taken care of throughout the tournament. Many dedicated parents support us with culinary delights, coffee & cake and drinks. The proceeds from the proceeds of our catering benefit the Schülerkasse. In the morning there will be sandwiches, then a lunch and in the afternoon a coffee and cake buffet.